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No. You cannot resell the tracks from “Onsound” without our consent.
It is absolutely forbidden to upload our music to any online streaming platform.
Every track you can find on the platform was composed by me.

Unlike other sites with “No Copyright” music, we own 100% of our tracks. This means that we can solve any monetization problems quickly and without third-party involvement. Our clients can be sure that in case of any content ID issues, we will be able to help them in the shortest time possible.


To find out for which projects you can use our music, check the table above.
Of course, it is mandatory to mention my name in the description when downloading a free track, otherwise you will need to buy a license or a subscription.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. In case you have any other questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact us by e-mail at: info@onsound.eu

A license is valid forever.
Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone, especially on platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, where song recognition systems might be inaccurate and make mistakes. These copyright claims are false and can be easily fixed. Our tracks are absolutely copyright-free and composed exclusively by Onsound. You will need to follow this guide, which will allow you to have your claims removed as soon as possible. Once the claim is removed, your active monetisation will be restored. Our music is copyright-free. If you want to know more about the removal of the copyright claim, click here
Our music can only be used if you publish the End Product while your subscription is active. From that moment on, the license remains valid throughout the life of the End Product (even if you cancel your subscription). However, you are not allowed to download tracks, proceed to cancel your subscription and continue making new content with our music without a license or subscription.

When you are using a song, please don’t forget to put the following in your description:

Alone by Alex-Productions: (Video Link)

Music provided by Alex-Productions and (site link)

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